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Rental Program Information: 
 [Information for Homeowners who are interested in Renting their property]
Hello Home Owner(s),
Thank you for visiting our website for more information on our 
Property Management Services. 

And, Introducing our New Rent-To-Rent Program
Below Management Fees, we will explain our new program in a little more detail as it relates to working with Owners who are interested in having our Company to Rent Your Property.

Our Full Service Property Management:
Within our Property Management Services we offer 

Experience - When you hire A. D. Barnes LLC, you are hiring a company with over 25 years of combined experience in managing single family homes, town homes, condos, multi family homes and apartments.
Trust - All relationships are built on Trust.  We are one of the largest managers of Absentee and Investor Owners, which proves that clients trust our management team to manage their most valuable assets from thousands of miles away.
Local Expertise - We are experts in managing properties ranging from Median Income to High End Properties.  We know the market inside and out and can bring that value to our clients.
Convenience - We are here for you Any Day, to maximize the return on one of your most important assets.  We do this by providing you access to someone on our management team who are always available to you for phone appointments or for private appointments based on the client's needs. 

Management Fees:

A. D. Barnes LLC handles all of the Advertising for tenants and Tenant/Buyers, all Tenant Screening, all Tenant Placement, Maintenance and repairs coordination and much more within our Property Management Servicing.

Tenant Placement Fee is:
75% of the 1st Months Rent for - Renting
100% of the 1st Months Rent for - Lease Purchase and others
Monthly Management Fee:
10% of the Regular Monthly Rental Amount 
($100 or 10% of regular monthly rental amount, whichever is higher)

Yearly Renewal Fee: 
10% of the Regular Monthly Rental Amount (1 payment at Lease Renewal). 
($100 or 10% of regular monthly rental amount, whichever is higher)

For more information on our Property Management Services, and, if you may need Turnkey Services and/or Contracting Services, please call our Office at (770) 575-1691.  Please ask to speak with Angela Roberts.


We would like to give you some information on how our 
New Rent-To-Rent Program works and what it entails. 

Owner's, this is a program geared to accomplish 4 things for you.
1) You do not Pay any Property Management Fees - The property would still be managed by our company!  [You save NOT having to pay Management Fees].
2) Maintenance and Repairs - You would NOT have to pay for 35% up to 60% of repairs and maintenance (any given month), after 60 days!  [You save NOT having to pay for a lot of your Maintenance and repairs Monthly]. 
3) Guaranteed Payments - Since one of our board members/the company would be Renting the property from you, we guarantee your monthly payments!  [You do NOT have to worry about your Rent Payments].
(Some Stipulations do apply).
4) Your Home is taken care of - When our company Rents a property from you, we make sure it is taken care of.  We do 90 day inside and out inspections throughout the year!  [You do NOT have to worry about the care of your property].  (Normal wear and tear expected).

This Rent-To-Rent Program is for Owner's who ARE looking to sell their properties within 3 to 5 years.  Within this Program, an owner would Sign Agreements for, a] 1 year of Renting the property, and, b] a 2 to 4 year 
Lease Option on the property.  These 2 Agreements/Contracts would be signed in the beginning.  

Example:  If an Owner wanted continue to own their property for 4 more years, for tax purposes or any other reasons. 
We do the Rent-To-Rent for 1 year and Sign the Lease Option for 3 years minimum up to 5 years.  We would exercise the lease option After the 3 years and Before the 5 years expired!  (This way, the owner would get the full time they want to continue ownership, then we would exercise the Lease Option).

{The Lease/Option will automatically begin the last day of the Rental Agreement.}  
[[This is the Only way this Particular Program Works and can be done with Owners, where they get these GREAT SAVINGS!!  The Lease/Option cannot be signed any other time except at the Beginning and along with the 1 Year Rent-To-Rent Agreement/Contract]]

Important Pieces of these Contracts Owner's Need to Know:

A} Owner's would allow the Company to Sublet the Home.
B} Owner's would Sign a 1 Year Rent-To-Rent Agreement, And, a Lease Option Agreement for 2 to 4 Years Later.

We are offering this program in Georgia and 3 other States!  We are receiving calls everyday from referrals of very satisfied clients! We are getting calls from Homeowners, Realtors, Investors, Tired Landlords, etc, wanting to get their properties under our New Rent-To-Rent Program!!

WHY?  Because they love that they have NO Property Management Fees, A portion of their monthly Maintenance and Repairs are paid for them, Their Monthly Rent Payments are Guaranteed (NO Section 8), And, Their Property is being Taken Care Of.

Call for more information now!
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