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{If the property you were interested in is not on the list on the "Properties For Sale" page then the property has sold.  THESE PROPERTIES GO FAST!!  Please check back often.  We will have a lot more coming in next month!!

We come across quite a few properties each month through over 125 Bankruptcy and Probate Attorneys that we are affiliated with and around 97 Bank Asset Managers that we are also affiliated with (where we receive access to the properties to purchase [before they go to Agents to sell]). We these types of professionals within 31 states (including Georgia), and we do ongoing National Advertising.  Most times our properties do not even get to our "properties for sale" page.  When we email properties out to clients and investors, they are picked up/contracted within hours of our email. 

We absolutely cannot purchase all of them ourselves. So what we do is, 1) We sell to our clients and handle the property management on the properties they buy and hold and/or help them sell the properties they renovate to sell retail.  If our clients need or want, we also handle the contracting work to make the properties Rent Ready and/or ready For Sale!  2) We buy and hold some of the properties.  3) We buy and wholesale a Lot of the properties to other investors, and, 4) We receive quite a bit of information on the properties and 60% of the time (because we receive so many properties), instead of purchasing the properties and wholesaling them, we will SELL THE LEAD TO INVESTORS!!  OUR PROPERTIES GO VERY FAST SO YOU WILL NOT SEE A LOT OF THEM SITTING ON THIS WEBSITE.  Please place your email information at the bottom of the page with the criteria you are looking for and you can be emailed when we have properties that come available that fit your criteria [for wholesale properties or for the lead on properties].  Do that NOW because we have quite a few properties coming in next month!!

If you would be interested in purchasing some of our properties please fill in our 2 short forms below.  Giving us some basic information on the properties you like to BUY, then click send!  Then, please give us your contact information and click send a second time!  We will send properties to you that fall into the parameters that you give us and, we do not give, send or sell any information given to us on this site!

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