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Lease Option Purchase Program Information 
[Updating, Will be finished Soon]

 [Information for Homeowners who are interested in Rent-To Own/Lease Purchasing their property]
*We are the only company out here who offers Our Home Owners "Turn Key Payment help if any tenants moves out before their 1st year term".  That means Our Company would pay a certain amount of money towards the Turn Key work that would need to be done (after Move Out) if a tenant we placed moved out before 4 months into the term! (More information on that as needed).  We, the company, also pay for most of the maintenance and repairs on the home during the term, and if the company lease option/purchases the home, there are no management fees. (This will all be discussed and in all contracts.)
Hello Home Owner(s),
Thank you for visiting our website for more information on our Lease Option/Purchase Programs. This page will explain our program in a little more detail as it relates to working with owners who are interested in having our company place Lease Option/Purchase Tenant/Buyer(s) in their property and handle the management or if our company is interested in Lease Option/Purchasing the property directly from an owner.
We would like to explain how our Lease Option Purchase Programs work, and how these
programs are helping Homeowners, Realtors, Investors, Tired Landlords, etc, to lease Option their properties RIGHT AWAY!!
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