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RENT-TO-RENT                              PROGRAM INFORMATION

If you own any Rental Properties, it is Imperative and Urgent that you read this IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!!

* How much did you pay in (Repairs and Maintenance) in your last year Rental?  $1200, $1500, $3,000, $6,000 or More - ($6,800 or more is what most Landlord/Owners pay in the course of a 1 year Lease.)
Depending on how the home is taken care of by the tenants, and, if/when a major repair is needed.

^^ If our Company Rents your home, we pay 30% up to 100% of the Repairs and Maintenance!!  (Depending on which of our programs you choose)                                                                                                                         [Why do WE Pay this as your Tenant??]                                                                 Because this is one of the Most Expensive parts that Landlords have within their Rental Business and Income.  Our company, having a good number of properties, whereby we have it set up with our Licensed and Bonded Contractors, to give us a contractor discount of 70% on every 3rd property we bring into our portfolio.  This way we have the discount on particular properties for the duration of our Rental Periods.  Depending on how we structure our contracts and the type of RTR Program, (and it is up to the Owners), WE pay the difference in the percentage for the repairs and maintenance, and bring the savings to our clients.  We also have more ways of saving our Clients on repairs and maintenance.

* How much did you pay in (Property Management Fees) in your last year Rental?   10% to 13% per month of your Rental Amount, + 1 month Rent for Tenant Finding and Move-In Fee for the Property Management Company? {Example: Rent $1,300, with an 11% monthly management fee.  That is $143 per month = $1,716 per year + $1,300       (1 month Rent for Tenant Placement.)  That is $3,016 off the top of and Owner/Landlords rental income)!                                                                                                                    
^^ If our Company Rents your home, ) You pay $65 per month [Or, $0 per month for Monthly Management Fees and, $65 Tenant Placement Fee, Or, $0 Tenant Placement Fee/Depending on which of our programs you choose.]
[Why do WE Pay this as your Tenant??]                                      Because this is another Expensive part that Landlords have within their Rental Business and Income.  We own a Property Management Company and do not have to charge those fees if we choose not to.  (Our company is licensed, a member of and listed with the GA Better Business Bureau since 2005 with an A+ Rating and never had any complaints).  We make our money renting to our tenants for 1 to 2 years to make sure they can pay timely, we also work with them during their term on the few things on their credit to get their score increased.  [Owners/Landlords do not have to worry if our tenants pay timely.  We are the Landlord's Tenant and we Guarantee the Rent.]  At the end of our Tenant's Lease Term with us, we work with them to find a property to purchase where our company Realtor Partner is their Buyer's Agent, Or, we purchase the home with Terms and we Owner Finance the home to our tenants.                                                 If the Landlord, whose property we are renting is ready to sell, we can work with their property for a sale if interested at the end of our tenant's term.                                                                                                              If not, we continue to rent the Landlords property, with no breaks in Rental Payment, and place a new tenant in the property.  {There is no break in the Rent being paid to the Landlord when we are waiting to move another tenant in, and WE handle the turnkey service.}
* How much does it cost you to turnkey your property after evicting a tenant or, a lease term ends with a tenant?  $3,500, $5,500 $7,500 or more if the tenants have Trashed the property?  ($7,300 or more is what most Owners/Landlords pay in the case of an eviction where the tenants trash the property.)  Now the property needs painting throughout, there are large holes in walls, Carpets need to be cleaned, new linoleum is needed or they have cracked the tile, plumbing problems, appliance problems, broken or missing kitchen cabinets, Goth painted rooms, broken blinds, new toilet seats needed and sometimes new toilets, dispossessory fees and sometimes attorney fees, etc.,.                                                                                                                    
^^ If our company Rents your home, You pay $0 to turnkey a property that we rent during our Rental Term!!                                                         [Why do WE Pay this as your Tenant??]                                      Because this is yet a 3rd Expensive part that Landlords have in their Rental Business and Income.  When we do rent to rent, if one of our tenants moves out or is evicted, it is the company's responsibility to turnkey the property.  Not the Landlord!

These are just a few of the savings offered to our Owners/Landlords.  Call us about more savings.

With our program, Owners/Landlords rent their property to a Company, instead of just a regular tenant.  Regular tenants Do Not guarantee the rent monthly, they Do Not pay for any repairs and maintenance, they definitely do not pay for the Turnkey on the home when they move out or are evicted.  Why not let our company rent from you and receive everything listed above and more!!

***{All of these savings we offer to the Owners/Landlords that are mentioned above, has to do with how we structure the Rent-To-Rent Program with them.  There are 3 different ways to structure a contract within this Program.}   
{{In order to offer something like this to Owners/Landlords, we ARE NOT able to work with other Realtors and/or other property management companies within our programs.  We save our clients/Landlords so much, and, we have to make some profit also.  Therefore, we cannot afford to also pay realtors and/or other property management companies within our programs.}}

All of the savings above that we offer and more to speak of later, are the reasons why we have a very strict application process for our Renters.  We also do inside and outside property inspections every 4 months to make sure our properties are taken care of.  We have a certain department that handles ONLY that.  Plus, with our Renters, they have more at stake. Which is our help to ultimately purchase a home where they may not be able to without working with us.

 Please remember, we are licensed, a member of and listed with the           GA Better Business Bureau since 2005, (we have been open since 2000.) We have never had any complaints, we also have an A+ Rating.  We have client referrals, tenant referrals and tenant/buyer referrals.  We have helped hundreds of Landlords to: *Keep a lot more of their rental income, *Rent and Sell their properties fast with a trusted company, *Not have any tenant headaches, and, *To work with an established company who will take care of their homes. 

If you are happy with how you have been renting your rental properties, and, you are being offered all of these savings, Great!! Or, if you are renting your property yourself and getting guaranteed rent, Great!  Or, if you are just happy with how you have been renting your property and have little to no repairs/maintenance, little to no management and tenant placement fees, and, little to no move outs or evictions where you have little to no turnkey with your property after move outs or evictions.  Then I say, keep doing what you are doing, you are doing better than any Owner/Landlord I ever knew!  

But, if this is not the case, then you are losing a lot of your rental Income monthly and yearly.  If you would like to keep more of your Rental Funds/Income in your Pocket in your Rental Business, then please give us a call!  

There is No Obligation and we would be happy to speak with you and save you a lot of money!

At this time we have quite a few property owners and landlords calling.  Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response back.  Most times sooner but we do not want to miss anyone.

Please call me, Angela Roberts on my Desk Phone (678) 304-8297.  If I am not available to answer, please leave me a message and I or one of my assistants will get back in touch with you at our earliest convenience.

Thank you and God Bless!

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